Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I’ve never been one to make resolutions. I should actually correct that to say, in recent years, I’m not one to make resolutions. I find them to be cliched and often directionless. I’m trying to focus, instead, on mantras and words that will remind me to take action.

The idea of finding comfort in the uncomfortable is one I’ve tried to remember and make second nature in my mindset. Everything related to triathlon is uncomfortable to me, more or less. I’m still relatively new with each of the three sports in addition to the wild cards in the sport, such as transitions, fueling, recovery and managing injuries. At this point, having completed two Ironmans, 4 half-Ironmans and various Sprint and Olympic distance races, I can at the very least anticipate various forms of ‘uncomfort.’

Be it on the trails, in the classroom or in the boardroom, getting comfortable being uncomfortable will produce results. For if you truly believe this you will put yourself in challenging and uncomfortable positions and that is where growth comes from.

Chris Vokaty

Are uncomfortable experiences the key to any type of growth? I know I feel most alive when I’m doing something out of the ordinary, when I’m traveling, when my heart is pounding, when experiencing something new, etc. In mapping out 2019 and beyond, I know my restless spirit will struggle if I’m not pushing boundaries in search of bold challenges and new experiences. Ironman Wisconsin (September 2019) is a great place to start!

Pondering the uncomfortable!